Online Access

Information for Patients

From 18th October 2023 everyone aged 16 and over can access their GP surgery online. You can do this when it suits you, using your smartphone, tablet or computer. All patients in England can use this service if they want to.

You will still be able to phone us or speak to one of the reception at our front desk. Online access is another option to make things easier.


What can you do with GP online services?

  • Check your test results, for example, blood tests.
  • Check medicines you are taking or have taken in the past.
  • Check if you have an allergy that may affect what medication you can take.
  • Look at what vaccinations you have had. It’s useful when you are going on holiday, changing schools, going to university or starting a new job.
  • If you have a long term condition, you can check what the doctor told you to do when you last saw them, to make sure you are doing the right things to manage your condition.