Islington Covid-19 Vaccination Programme

Missing Data associated with Covid Vaccinations /Boosters

If you have any missing data related to your Covid Vaccination or Booster you will need to contact the VDRS resolution Service by calling 119.

The Miller Practice is unable to add any details to the UK vaccine system so we would be grateful if you did not call the surgery as we would like keep our lines free in order that we can help our patients with medical issues.


The national Covid-19 booster vaccination programme has begun

Eligible patients will be invited over the coming months. 


The Miller Practice will not be administering any Covid-19 boosters.


Walk-in Vaccination Clinics

There are a range of venues in North Central London offering walk-in appointments for COVID-19 vaccinations, without needing to book an appointment in advance or contacting your GP.



When will I get my second Dose?

Be please be reassured you will be contacted between 10 and 12 weeks after your first dose and invited to a clinic that holds the same vaccine as your first dose. Please contact the provider of your first dose if you have any queries. 


Information about vaccinations and Covid-19

For further information on why you are being asked to wait for your Covid-19 vaccine please read the information on the website

Patients wishing to find out more information about vaccinations and the Covid-19 vaccination programme may find this link useful.


BAME Patients

For those from the BAME community who are seeking more information please click here

Why we are saying yes to the COVID19 Vaccine | BME London Landlord