A Letter to patients from Linden Ruckert

Dear Patients

I will be retiring from the Miller Practice on December 31st 2021

The pandemic has meant that we have been working in a different way and I have not been able to see many of you face to face during this time, and I am sorry that I may well not have the opportunity to say goodbye in person.

I first worked at the Miller Practice thirty years ago and returned here permanently in 2009.


I know this is a practice that strives to prioritise personal care - so important to John Miller who founded the practice - and which values clinical excellence. I feel lucky to have had a chance to be part of this, with my Partners who share these values.

We have never worked harder than we have done in the last few years as we adapt to changing ways of consulting and the increased volume of work, which began before the pandemic. Fortunately, we have a strong team of doctors here, and I feel certain The Miller Practice is in a good place to tackle the challenges of the years ahead.

Practices are a partnership with all our valued staff but also the patients we look after, and who give so much back to us. If I have not had the chance to say goodbye in person before I leave, you will nevertheless be in my thoughts and I will take good memories with me. I know too that I leave you in good hands with the other members of The Miller Practice.

Best wishes

Linden Ruckert

Published: Nov 5, 2021