Be more Sustainable

What can you do to be more be more sustainable?

As well as the things we are doing as a practice to be more sustainable, we are encouraging patients to be more sustainable too. Below are some ideas of small, mostly health related, changes you can make which can help the environment, and which can also often save you money too.

If you have other ideas about what we can do as a practice to be more sustainable please let us know. Likewise if you’ve thoughts on what patients can do more or less of to help the environment we would love to hear from you.


Using sustainable transport

  • Walk or cycle to the Practice for your appointments where possible – we have plenty of cycle racks here that you are welcome to use.
  • Use public transport where possible – to get to your appointments at the practice or elsewhere check the TFL website for best routes. There is a bus stop right outside of the practice – could you put a picture or say the name?


Beyond London think about using the train instead of driving places and reducing the amount of flying you do.


online services

Reducing the use of paper

  • We promote health education messages to patients via the patient information screens in waiting areas, to reduce the use of paper leaflets – please keep your eye out for key messages we share on the screens.
  • Patients can also find a great deal of information on our website – whether they want to know about how to register, making appointments online and about our different clinics or services.

We are also starting to encourage patients to use online forms, rather than paper based forms, our online forms are super simple to you use and Patient Services can also help you fill them out if needed.


Reducing prescribing

Where possible, the Practice is reducing polypharmacy and over prescribing.

We will only reduce medications in the best interest of and in discussion with patients and may also be able to promote other ways you can help manage your condition, for example through diet, exercise and support groups.

medicine waste

Using other forms of support can help reduce the need for, or the amount of, medication prescribed – which is good for you and good for the planet.


Supporting health and wellbeing

We are a Parkrun Practice and encourage you to take part in the local Parkrun, which takes place every Saturday morning at 9am at Finsbury Park.

This is a chance to get fitter, enjoy the outdoors and if you’re not able to walk/run there’s plenty of volunteering opportunities.



Healthy Diet & Plant Based Living

What is the best diet for health?

A diet which is predominantly wholefood plant-based, i.e. which consists of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, grains and seeds, and not including processed or red meat, can certainly be best for our health, as well as the health of the planet.

healthy eating

Such diets when well-planned are suitable for all stages of life and reduce risks of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and most cancers. Eating wholefoods rather than heavily processed foods and animal products can save you money and also helps the environment. 

Always discuss with a health professional if you are thinking about making major changes to your diet. 

If you are thinking of making major changes to your diet it is important to make sure you are supplementing with vitamin D and B12 

Information and guidance about eating a healthy, balanced diet.


Eating a healthy diet can be difficult to manage, particularly if food is expensive.

A national charity collecting food surplus from supermarkets etc to distribute to those in need